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Common Questions

What is Via Ferrata?
A Via Ferrata (or “iron road” in Italian) is a protected mountain path comprising a series of rungs, rails and cables embracing the rock face. It allows access to scenic sections of the mountains that are typically available only to experienced rock climbers and mountaineers.
The Via Ferrata experience is one that’s not to be missed. Feel the natural surroundings, the exhilaration, and sense of personal achievement when you complete the circuit.
Is Via Ferrata is the same as rock climbing?
No, Via Ferrata climbing is not the same as rock climbing. While both activities occur in the same area and in the same environment, climbing the Via Ferrata is easier than rock climbing and prior experience is not required.
What is Mountain Torq?
Mountain Torq runs the world’s highest and Asia’s first Via Ferrata that starts at 3,200m and ends off at 3,776m above sea level on Mount Kinabalu in Sabah. Mountain Torq enables climbers and non-climbers to experience the thrill of mountain climbing while taking in the spectacular surroundings.
Who can climb a Via Ferrata?
Almost anyone. You can climb Mountain Torq’s Via Ferrata as long as you’re aged between 10 and 70 with a minimum height of 1.3m, are fit and healthy, are not afraid of heights, and would like to experience the mountain in a whole new way.
Do I need any climbing experience?
Not at all! If you can climb a ladder, you can climb Mountain Torq’s Via Ferrata.
Can I miss the pre-activity breifing conducted the day I arrive?
All customers are required to attend the mandatory pre-activity briefing and familiarization session. The sessions start between 3pm and 4pm. Late arrivals may not be considered eligible to participate in the activity the next morning. This is for your own safety, be it if you are a first timer climber or an experienced mountaineer.
How can I ensure that I arrive to Pendant Hut by 3pm?
As long as you condition your body before coming (refer trip preparation) and ensure that you start hiking up from Timpohon Gate latest by 8:30am. You will have a 90% chance of arriving at Pendant Hut in time to have a cup of tea before attending the briefing session.
Will there be someone to guide me?
Yes, you and your group will be assigned with a Mountain Torq trainer. The experts will be there to give you a full safety briefing and train you on the proper use of safety devices. They will also climb with you, provide tips on negotiating difficult obstacles and point out spectacular sights along the way.
Can I climb the Via Ferrata without a Mountain Torq trainer?
No. Sabah Park safety regulations require that Via Ferrata climbers are to be accompanied by a Mountain Torq trainer at all times.
Is the Mountain Torq trainer only for me or my group?
Depending on the size of your group, you will have to be prepared to join other Via Ferrata climbers.
What is the max. no of people who will be climbing the Via Ferrata with me?
There will be a maximum of 6 climbers per group/Mountain Torq trainer.
Do I really need a mountain guide even on Mt. Kinabalu?
Yes. Sabah Park safety regulations require that climbers and hikers are to be accompanied by a Sabah Park mountain guide during your ascent and decent on the main hiking and summit trail. The Mountain Torq trainer will be with you mainly during your Mountain Torq activities.
What does the Via Ferrata activity package include?
With Mountain Torq, you can enjoy:
- Free rental of all safety devices: harness, lanyard and helmet
- Via Ferrata familiarisation for all participants
- Guiding services of our Mountain Torq trainers
What time do I start my Via Ferrata activity?
Our start time is between 6.30am and 7.15am
Where do we meet the Mountain Torq team for the activities?
On the day of your arrival, we will meet you at Pendant Hut where you will undergo a mandatory briefing and familiarization session starting between 3pm and 4pm. There, we will tell you the exact meeting point and meeting times for the activities that you’ve signed up for and provide a practical session with the full Via Ferrata safety gear.
What if I want to climb the Via Ferrata at the break of dawn?
Due to safety reasons, we do not bring clients up on the Via Ferrata before day break.
Are the activities safe?
As an advocate for responsible climbing, Mountain Torq ensures that safety standards are adhered to at all times. It is mandatory that the trainers undergo regular skills certification and upgrading with training standards and syllabus endorsed by the International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation (UIAA). Regular safety checks and maintenance are also conducted on the Via Ferrata equipment. So all you need to do is focus on enjoying yourself.
How do take part in Via Ferrata activities?
To ensure that you have a guaranteed slots, we strongly encourage advanced bookings. You can make a booking for these activities with us.
Do I have to reach summit Mt. Kinabalu before I attempt the Via Ferrata?
The Via Ferrata is a stand alone activity from the summit attempt. Climbers may choose to summit Mt. Kinabalu and then proceed for their selected Via Ferrata activity or climbers may choose to forgo the summit before attempt and head directly for the Via Ferrrata - this second option most likely to give climbers more time to enjoy the Via Ferrata, but that does not mean you have to forgo the summit attempt, do look at your physical condition at that point in time and decide wisely.
Will the activity be cancelled in the event of bad weather? and then what happens?
Unfortunately, we are at the mercy of the weather up here at 3,200m a.s.l. While we would like to let all climbers attempt the activities despite the weather conditions, safety DOES come first. The Via Ferrata route in clear weather is exciting enough but in rainy, windy and stormy conditions, it will be too thrilling even for the avid mountaineer.
In the event of bad weather, the planned activities can and will be cancelled just like how the summit attempt to Low's Peak (4095.2m a.s.l.) will be cancelled in the event of bad weather.
There would be no refunds but we can suggest that a second night on the mountain may be arranged for at Panalaban area - either at Pendant Hut or Laban Rata Resthouse (Sutera Sanctuary Lodges). This is however subjected to availability as well as the availability of the mountain guide allocated to you (all at you own additional expense).
How much time do I need to spend on Mt. Kinabalu?
You should set aside at least 3 days (3 days 2 nights) to fully enjoy on what the enchanting mountain have to offer.
Can I bring my own camera?
Yes, indeed! Do bring your own camera to capture these special moments. Don't forget to secure your camera with a cord to minimize any risks of dropping it. You will however be required to to keep your camera in your backpack during activities to reduce the risks of dropping it while climbing, and as a result injuring an unsuspecting fellow climber below you. Don't worry, we will advise you on the most ideal and scenic spots where you can whip your camera out for those treasured snapshots. 
source: courtesy of Mountain Torq™
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