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What You Need To Know
The world's highest Via Ferrata certified by Guinness World Records ™ (Grade: French AD, Italian 3C)
After the hike up to the summit, Low's Peak, this route offers an exhilarating and scenic detour to make your descend memorable. Stand tall on the roof of Borneo on the world's highest Via Ferrata!
Explore nature's wonders from Low's Peak Circuit at 3776m above sea level (a.s.l). Get glimpses of the uncommonly seen hidden corners of the mountain plateau as well as the broad and stunning landscapes surrounding the mountain. Designed for the brave and active with above average fitness levels, this 4-6 hour route with an optional summit attempt includes rest stops at scenic locations.
Low's Peak Circuit (LPC) 'Built For The Brave'
Duration: 4-5hrs
Grading: French Grading AD - Intermediate, fairly hard, suitable for guided beginners.
Capacity: Only maximum 3 groups of 6 persons are allowed on the LPC activity per day. That is a maximum of 18 persons. VERY LIMITED SLOTS!
Hike up to Low's Peak, Mt. Kinabalu's highest point at 4,095m. On descent, take a via ferrata detour to see stunning views and explore hidden corners of the mountain plateau. Low's Peak Circuit is physically demanding. It is for those who are sure-footed, not fearful of heights, want to scale South East Asia's highest point and the World's highest via ferrata. 
- Highest point at 3776m a.s.l as certified by Guinness World Records in 2009
- Length of route 1.2km
- Vertical height traverse 365m
- Possibly one of the world's highest suspension bridge at 3,600m a.s.l
- Maybe one of the world's highest Nepalese bridge at 3,580m a.s.l
- Connects to Walk the Torq route, so that you don't miss anything!
- Those who want to do it all
- Above average fitness
- Love heights
- 17 years old an above
- Adventure seekers looking for the challenge attempting the summit of Mount Kinabalu and experiencing the world's highest Via Ferrata all within 12 hours
"The route's thread-like tightrope walks and swinging planks will have you convinced that the course designers are sadistic, but that's what makes it so darn fun - testing your limits without putting your safety in jeopardy." - Lonely Planet
source: courtesy of Mountain Torq™
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