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What You Need To Know
Asia's first Via Ferrata located in UNESCO World Heritage site (Grade: French PD, Italian 2A)
Walk The Torq, Asia's first Via Ferrata is an introductory route offering everyone a taste of Via Ferrata climbing. Experience the thrill of walking above the clouds and having a bird's eye view of the valleys and villages below.
At 3,521m a.s.l, this initiation route is designed for the beginner in mind. It is a leisurely 2-3 hour climb offering dramatic mountain vistas with opportunities to enjoy the scenic view while being securely fasted to side of the mountain. Reward yourself as you feel your spirit soar with the spectacular views and take photos to show your friends later.
Walk The Torq (WTT) 'A Walk In The Clouds'
Duration: 2hrs
Grading: French Grading PD - Easy, suitable for beginners, children and senior citizens.
Capacity: Maximum of 40 slots for WTT activity available per day. 5 persons to 1 Mountain Torq trainer / guide.
Take your first steps on the world's highest via ferrata and learn how to Walk The Torq.
Walk The Torq is an initiation for those who want to build their confidence in via ferrata climbing.
- Highest point at 3,520m a.s.l
- Length of route 430m
- Vertical ladder (7m length)
- Walk like a monkey on the Monkey Bridge
- Zip on the Tyrolean traverse
- Be an acrobat on the Balancing beam
- Groups with a range of ages
- Minimum age of 10 years old
- At least 1.3m tall
- Average fitness and interested to try something new!
- The young at heart who is game for everything!
source: courtesy of Mountain Torq™
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